Contours of retained atmospheric mass after core-powered mass loss, with observed planets overlaid

Retained H/He in Super-Earth Atmospheres

In Misener & Schlichting (2021), I show that at the end of core-powered mass loss, super-Earth cores are able to cool faster than their atmospheres lose mass, allowing the atmospheres to contract and preserve any remaining primordial gas. I derive analytic scalings, complemented by numerical results, which show the diverse final atmospheric states super-Earths can have.

Will demonstrating the transit method at EYU

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I'm a San Franciscan who journeyed to the cold winters of the University of Chicago for undergrad, then came back to the sunny West Coast for my advanced studies. I want to reveal the physical mechanisms behind the formation of the planets, both our Solar System and beyond in the ever-increasing realm of exoplanetary systems.